We’ve built a platform
to trade binary option.

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain - that is transparency, safety and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the traditional binary options work and the way investors trade binary option.

What is BO? What

Binary options is a financial derivatives instrument that challenges traders to foresee the right direction of the price movement for an underlying asset at a given point of time in the future. Forecasting horizon varies from a few minutes up to several months. 

Block Option is a decentralized Binary Option Platform based on Blockchain Technology.

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    Decentralized Platform

    Blockchain-based platform so it is “impossible” to hack investor’s trades and funds.

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    Pure P2P market

    Traders bet against Bankrollers, we make profit from trading fees

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    100% Transparency and Provably Fair

    By getting assets price on blockchain, cheating by manipulating price feed is impossible


Built 100% on blockchain, Block Option fetches asset price data from an oracle by using Orcalize service running on smart contract. We will use a build-in wallet to fetch start time price and pass it to smart contract, compare the start time price, expiry price and reward winning traders immediately by smart contract. No additional database and server-side needed. Not even the slightest window for cheating and scans. No delay payments and deny payments.


  1. Block Option’s token contract and trading contracts will be developed on blockchain. Trader and bankroller’s funds are also stored on blockchain.
  2. Bankrollers send token to create an asset contract or back existing contracts and make profit from bankrolling. Profits issued by smart contract.
  3. Traders send token directly to assets’s smart contract to trade, and get rewarded by smart contract automatically.
  4. Affiliates send new traders to Block Option’s platform and get paid with token from affiliate smart contract.

The MAJOR Problem Problem

We have analyzed the traditional binary options model to get a better understanding of all the reasons, causing unfavourable attitude towards binary options and leading such a great idea to downfall.

Data manipulated
  • Trading process takes place in a broker‘s backend, so it is not transparent. Such system allows manipulating data.
Gambler’s rule
  • Traders bet against Bankrollers, we make profit from trading fees
System’s security
  • Server or account hacked
System’s fee
  • In general, trader‘s reward, in case he was right, stays fixed regardless of other factors, meaning, sometimes you should have had way more than did.
  • Maximum that‘s ever available varies from 15% to 80% of the rate.


Some of the existing issues in the binary option market that Block Option can solve

Relational Blockchain

The price data as it is being fetched by smart contract and stored in Blockchain.

Full Transparency

Due to the use of smart contracts, traders place bets against bankrollers, we just charge service fees.

Fund safety

Deposits are confirmed immediately and an instant automatic withdrawal of funds is ensured.


Crypto-currency (BTC, ETH) and Bank Cards are supported.

Very Low Fees

Traders who accurately determine future changes are rewarded with 95% of funds.

Impossible to hack

All your trades and funds are safer than traditional platform.


One of the fundamentally important tasks for us is the relaunch of an existing market with a new technological groundwork through introduction and implementation of an honest, transparent and comprehensive business model, as well as all of its requirements.


We believe that our business model is, by all means, better than all the existing ones put together, clearly, within this market. We further believe that what we are experiencing today are those changes that will be heavily integrated by general markets in a year or so.

  • Simplicity - Everyone can become a trader
  • Unlimited maximum withdrawal amount
  • Fastest trading using cutting-edge technologies
  • Multi-language

Token Sale TOKEN

Block Option token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


Nov 1, 2018 (10:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

150,000,000 BOT (10%)


November 30, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 BOT = 0,001 USD

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0,1 ETH

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Our Roadmap RoadMap

July 2018

The birth of the Block Option idea

Market research and integration meetings with binary option traders

Sep 2018

Block Option token pre-sale for partners and early birds

Launch and testing of the binary option platform (MVP) in the test net

Oct 2018

Brand awareness and Block Option Token Sale

Block Option Alpha (testnet), Tokens emission, Block Option Token listing

Audit of the platform’s smart contract

Dec 2018

Web interface design of the section for binary option betting

Block Option security audit and commercial launch of Block Option

Final development and testing of the desktop client application

Q1 2019

Introduce Block Option’s mobile apps that support Android, iOS

Development of an API for trading bots

Development of a section with statistics

Q2 2019

Connection of the first brokers to the platform

Network scaling and/or transfer to a more efficient blockchain

Global market expansion and adaptation

Powered by a Team Team

The BO Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

David Stevenson

He received his Master of Intelligence Science and Technology's degree at Kyoto University of Japan in 2002. After graduated, he worked at Utthunga company which is an Industrial Automation Software Services and Solotions provider company. He is also an early thought leader and investor in cryptocurrencies. He has been dedicated to the blockchain industry since 2013 as an angel investor, co-founder, advisor, community organizer, author and public speaker with deep understanding of the Blockchain economy and technology.

Adrien Damour

I am an investor in innovation driven startups and an advisor of ico/sto projects, specialised in dealing with various non-tech aspects such as contracts and legal structures, government regulations and international taxation but also business development, investors, timing and planning of ico/stos.My goals is focusing on blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence

Yannic Bosscher
Technical Lead Blockchain

Blockchain network specialist at Block Option. I have been working as a software developer for more than 5 years.Major programming languages: Java, JavaScript (ES6, ES7) Other PL: Python, PHP, Typescript Backend Development: Spring Framework, SpringBoot, JPA, NodeJS, ExpressJS, RESTful, SOAP, Jersey, Django Front End: ReactJS, AngularJS and Angular 2, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 Mobile Development: Android Development, React Native

Mark Anthony
Social Media Coordinator

Experienced marketing executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing & advertising industry. skilled in customer service, content marketing, microsoft office, problem solving, and teamwork. strong marketing professional with a bachelor's degree focused in marketing from university of finance and marketing.

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We have to say BlockOption is the first decentralized binary options platform based on Blockchain. BlockOption completely and permanently eradicate the inauspicious decease called “TRUST” which is undoubtedly killing the binary options industry from inside out

Built 100% on blockchain, BlockOption fetches asset price data from an oracle by using Orcalize service running on smart contract. We will use a build-in wallet to fetch start time price and pass it to smart contract, compare the start time price, expiry price and reward winning traders immediately by smart contract. No additional database and server-side needed. Not even slightest window for cheating and scams. No delay payments and deny payments. Although we will simplify this in the MVP version, but it will be implemented eventually.

BlockOption is on a mission to bring clear-cut transparency to all financial markets and, that can conclusively eliminate the issue of trust. First and foremost, though, we strive to reinvent binary options through instilling incorruptible business logic into everybody’s value system.

BlockOption is a large financial broker, it allows users to trade different assets. Now the broker would allow to make transfers with virtual funds and to use these funds as an investment instrument.

To participate in the BlockOption ICO, head over to https://blockoption.io once it opens on November 1st and follow the registration instructions. All you need is an Ethereum wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens.

The maximum token supply is 1 Billion BOT, however only 100 Million will be for sale and 100 Million for Air-drop.

The BlockOption ICO is a worldwide ICO and it’s open to everyone, however national laws apply. It’s up to the investors to check locally whether or not they can invest.

Yes, there will be two types of KYC. For investors under 1,000 USD there will be a light KYC process where personal information will be required, such as first and last name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, passport/national id number. For investors over 1,000 USD we will have a full KYC process where an additional scan of the passport or national ID card will be required.

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