• Bitcoin -52.00
    $9,264.76 -0.56%
  • Ethereum -0.98
    $238.47 -0.41%
  • Ripple -0.00
    $0.1857 -0.91%
  • Bitcoin Cash / BCC -1.34
    $238.19 -0.56%
  • Litecoin -0.20
    $43.54 -0.46%
  • Tether +0.00
    $1.00 +0.10%
  • EOS -0.03
    $2.56 -1.05%
  • Binance Coin +0.80
    $16.63 +5.05%
  • Stellar +0.00
    $0.07325 +5.17%
  • Cardano +0.02
    $0.1143 +16.16%

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Data manipulated

Trading process takes place in a broker‘s backend, so it is not transparent
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System’s fee

Maximum that‘s ever available varies from 15% to 80% of the rate.
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Gambler’s rule

Traders bet against Bankrollers, we make profit from trading fees
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System’s security

Server or account hacked

About Us

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Decentralized Platform

Blockchain-based platform so it is “impossible” to hack investor’s trades and funds.
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Pure P2P market

Traders bet against Bankrollers, we make profit from trading fees
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100% Transparency

Cheating by manipulating price feed is impossible
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Full Transparency

Due to the use of smart contracts, traders place bets against bankrollers, we just charge service fees.

Why Choose Block Option?

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Fast Transaction

All transactions are fast within one minute
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Secure and Stable

All customer transaction information is accurate and stable
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Crypto-currency (BTC, ETH) and Bank Cards are supported
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Impossible to hack

All your trades and funds are safer than traditional platform
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Very Low Fees

Traders who accurately determine future changes are rewarded with 95% of funds
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Relational Blockchain

The price data as it is being fetched by smart contract and stored in Blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different between Block Option and other Binary Option brokers?

We have to say Block Option is the first decentralized binary options platform based on Blockchain. Block Option completely and permanently eradicate the inauspicious decease called “TRUST” which is undoubtedly killing the binary options industry from inside out

How Block Option works on Blockchain?

Built 100% on blockchain, Block Option fetches asset price data from an oracle by using Orcalize service running on smart contract. We will use a build-in wallet to fetch start time price and pass it to smart contract, compare the start time price, expiry price and reward winning traders immediately by smart contract. No additional database and server-side needed. Not even slightest window for cheating and scams. No delay payments and deny payments. Although we will simplify this in the MVP version, but it will be implemented eventually.

What is the mission of this project?

Block Option is on a mission to bring clear-cut transparency to all financial markets and, that can conclusively eliminate the issue of trust. First and foremost, though, we strive to reinvent binary options through instilling incorruptible business logic into everybody’s value system.

How Block Option related to crypto-currencies?

Block Option is a large financial broker, it allows users to trade different assets. Now the broker would allow to make transfers with virtual funds and to use these funds as an investment instrument.